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Fourth of July

Capture this 4th through Video

4th of July

Just wanted to reach out to everyone and wish a Happy 4th of July Weekend.  Spend the weekend with those who matter most.  Enjoy a cold one, grill an All American hot dog or flip a burger.  Gather round a fire pit and make the neighbors jealous when you light the sky on fire through the traditional lighting of fireworks.

Video Memories:

I encourage you to take pictures for the keep sakes BUT if you have the capabilities by all means press record.  Review the moments captured by your video device the next day or next year; fall back into that special moment in time.  After all, video has such power by combining those key elements; sound, motion and emotion.

Viable Video options:

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a high end video camera.  Look to your smart phone/device.  The iPhone/iPad2 has a nice video recording option.  If you were lucky enough to pick up a Flipcam ($70) before they were discontinued then lucky you; use it!  Best Buy also carries a nice array of consumer level camcorders at a fair price.

Check out this video by Keystone Light: Nice Patriotic yet comedic approach to the well weathered Holiday Weekend.


Above all enjoy responsibly.



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