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Is your Business on YouTube?

Business Video for YouTube

I will keep this brisk with simple yet powerful statistics.

What is the largest search engine?  Google!  What is the 2nd largest search engine?  YouTube!!!  Who owns YouTube?  Google!

Google loves video, especially as a form of organic SEO.  Post video and you will be sure to see your search rankings improve.  Hold me to this; I guarantee within the next few years the way we search will be through video.  I foresee Google changing the search layout to feature more video.

Back to YouTube.  YouTube exceeds 2 BILLION views per day (this number is climbing as we speak).  That is nearly double the prime-time audience of all 3 major US broadcast networks(ABC, NBC, CBS) combined!! Watch this now; 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute!!  The YouTube player is embedded across 10s of millions of websites.  More HD content than any other site on the net.  The average person spend 15 or more minutes on YouTube per day; and they choose to engage with the content(full attention).  Double check my #’s here:

Video is Powerful!

Video content boats the highest CTR (click through rate) conversion rate than any other advertising content.  10-50x greater than the typical/mundane banner ad.  Consumers who watch video on websites are close to 70% more likely to make a purchase.  96% of online shoppers watch online video.  Here is a good one…According to comScore, 63% of total US internet users are reached by video ads, these consumers account for 83% of online sales!!!!!!!!  Check out research at

Is your Video out there?

Are you contributing to these statistics? Are you posting video? Are you engaging you customer? Do you have YouTube player embedded on your site?

Plan and simple; your business CAN NOT afford to be absent from this powerful medium.  Seeing is believing!  Video is powerful.  See my previous blogs about why the medium is more powerful than you traditional formats.

Make your impression through video from web commercials, corporate video, promotions, events, testimonials, product demonstration, tutorials … the list goes on.  Harness this powerful medium across all of your social platforms and embed in print advertisements/business cards through QR code technology.

About Skein Media:

Skein media is a video production/advertising & web design firm dedicated to small & medium sized businesses. Our talented staff is dedicated to expanding your brand further, faster and more effectively through the use of advertising’s most powerful medium; online video. Skein media operates as a Limited Liability Company out of Wilmington, Delaware.


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