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Progressive Giants embrace video

Industry leaders using video

Progressive Giants Using Video

Have you noticed that the most progressive companies are harnessing the power of web video like never before?  Facebook just recently announced their move to video chat functionality, partnering with visionary video company Skype.  The move has received much attention since this strengthens the ties between Facebook and tech giant Microsoft (owner of Skype).  Obviously, YouTube, the leader of online video is making some serious moves.  In 2 hours, YouTube, will broadcast the Red Carpet premiere for the ever popular movie series Harry Potter.  The move is genius considering the large following of Harry Potter fans are under the age of 26.  The under 30′s are moving their viewing attention online.  I can only imagine that the big 3, not Lebron, Wade & Bosh, but ABC, NBC and CBS are shaking in their boots while pondering the coming years.

How video is being used

Video is being used by these large organizations to keep in touch and create a human element for their prospective customers and clients.  Many large organizations have the luxury of harnessing the power of online video given their massive budgets and deep pockets.  Such progressive companies will use video to feature a new product, show community involvement, re-cap company parties, company meetings, etc.

Video is progressive

Is your big and/or small business progressive?  Are you using video?  If not, you will!  Video will be the web norm.  Video is versatile, give you brand/business a face and relate to your prospective clients and customers through the marketings most powerful medium; online video.

Enjoy this online video by web juggernaut Google.  The video features their new product, Google+.  It ranked as a top 20 most shared video for the past month. Enjoy.



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