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I come across a lot of companies/organizations/services that claim to offer video.  However, when viewing it is apparent that it is nothing more than faux video.  Simply put; a bunch of JPEGs pushed through an automated process that throws on a few pan effects and less standard royalty free music.  If you can not tell…this is extremely frustrating to me!  If you are going to invest in video then gosh-darn-it INVEST IN VIDEO.  Even those panoramic flash tours are just spruced up imagery moving at slow speeds that cant even be viewed on most smart devices.  After all, in the US alone, 49% of Americans use their smart phone for internet access at least once per day – eMarkter.

Faux Video Users

Companies guilty of faux video are larger corporations with a lot of inventory like car dealerships, realtors and retail chains.  Watch this Real Estate video tour below to see how true video is much more engaging.  Today’s consumer is tech savvy and expect HIGH quality.  Gone are the days of assembly line design and trying to pass a house cat for an African Lion. Impressions are made within seconds…relationships are formed/dictated in seconds.  Invest in the best if your product is worthy.

A Real Video



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