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Video Testimonials

Branded Video Testimonials


Simple yet effective statistic; 90% of people trust pier evaluations where only 14% trust advertisements.  Many business owners have used testimonials as a form of marketing for years.  Testimonials are simply word of mouth.  Many websites offer written testimonials…great!  At Skein Media we provide small business owners affordable video and encourage branded testimonials.  Think of it as a disguised advertisement.   There is nothing dis-honest about it.  It is rather simple and much more effective than traditional text by combining sound, motion and emotion.

Big Companies using video testimonials

You may have noticed big brand using a form of testimonials in their national campaigns such as Ford and Lowes to name a few.

Video Word of Mouth

Let your customers sing your praises through video testimonials.  Simple. Effective. Word of Mouth.



About Skein Media:

Skein media is a video production/advertising & web design firm dedicated to small & medium sized businesses. Our talented staff is dedicated to expanding your brand further, faster and more effectively through the use of advertising’s most powerful medium; online video. Skein media operates as a Limited Liability Company out of Wilmington, Delaware.

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