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We want the video to be VIRAL!!


So, I get tired of hearing the word viral just like many creatives.  So many companies expect a viral push when considering entering the realm of video advertising/marketing.  Many will have visions of their video being viewed all over the world with views in the hundreds of millions.  My thought… good luck!  Viral videos just happen.  Many times we will see videos created by agencies that try too hard for the viral feel.  It seems that 9/10 viral videos just happen by chance.  It usually happens when some young kid records a freak event on his/her iphone or flip cam; like a chicken actually crossing the street (now thats viral!).  Another way to go viral is to record a terrible song and produce a horribly choreographed music video (aka Rebecca Black).

Local Viral Video

In my next post I will discuss a more realistic approach to generating the viral effect locally for SMB’s.  I will address ideas for branding within your videos and how to leverage the power of your social network through video.  TUNE IN FOR THIS ONE!!!

Viral Video by accident(like most).




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